Age of Light Workshops

2020 Prospectus

mystichandsAge of Light offers workshops in Usui and Karuna Reiki at all levels.

Crystal workshops are held at two stages; the first level for people with little or no prior knowledge and the second level will be more advanced and targeted at people wishing to widen their healing knowledge.


Please note that all workshops require a non returnable £10 deposit in order reserve a place.

All workshops aim to explore and develop your highest potential. You will be empowered by learning healing techniques to help yourself and others. Working with these energies to raise your vibration and optimise your chakra energies, you will be enabled to play your part in bringing in the New Age  …………  the Age of Light.



First degree to Master Level. Anyone can be initiated to Reiki, the attunement process enables the recipient to permanently open and connect to the Universal Energies on all levels. It also clears and balances many important energy channels within the body. All Reiki workshops require some advance preparation and therefore should be booked well in advance. Please bring a contribution towards a shared lunch.

Reiki Share Evenings – the next Reiki share to be held Thursday 30th October 7pm till 9pm at the Sunflower Centre, East Cheshire Hospice. All levels of Reiki welcome. Cost £5 donation to East Cheshire Hospice.

Reiki Level 1

Saturdays 10am till 3.30pm – a one day workshop to attune new students to the Reiki energies to enable them to give Reiki healing to themselves, friends, family and pets. Cost £50

January 25th
June 20th

Reiki Level 2

Weekend workshops – 10am – till 3.30pm. A two day workshop for level one attuned students. When you have completed this workshop and its requirements you will be a qualified practitioner and will only require insurance cover to practice. Cost £100 for the two days.

February 29th – March 1st
October 3rd – 4th

Reiki Master/Teacher Level

Weekend – 10am – till 3.30pm. This is the Master level workshop for Reiki 2 practitioners who have been qualified for over twelve months. You will be attuned to the Master level energies and be able to give Reiki attunement and deliver healing at the highest level. Cost £150, including manual. We will have a shared lunch as usual.

May 9th and 10th
December 5th and 6th

Karuna Reiki, master/teacher workshop

Saturday / Sunday August 15th -16th and Saturday 22nd – Three days.

This three day workshop will enable you to use the additional Karuna symbols. These symbols allow you to fine tune the Reiki energies so that you can treat more specific problems. (more tools for your Reiki toolbox!). Workshop price £300, including official Karuna Reiki manual. This workshop is for Reiki masters only.

ARC Workshop Saturday 28th November

For those interested in combining and working with angelic, Reiki and crystal energies. This is a full day workshop running from 10.30am to 3.30pm and includes an attunement, an introduction to the ARC symbols and workbook. Light lunch provided – cost £50



A half day workshop to explore your relationship with the angelic realms. Workshops run from 1pm to 4pm, light refreshments provided. Price £30 including workbook and God box.

Saturday 14th March
Saturday 12th September


These will run 1pm to 4pm Saturday afternoons and cost £30 including pendulum and workbook

Crystal Connections

Saturday 11th January
Saturday 6th June

An introduction to using crystal, for those with little or no prior knowledge. Learn how to choose, cleanse, charge and programme crystals, how to work with a pendulum and how to ground and protect yourself when working with crystal energies.

Crystal for Healers

Saturday 15th February
Saturday 11th July

A more advanced workshop where you will learn useful, practical techniques for balancing energy, pain relief, healing the aura and clearing unwanted energies. If you have a wand and/or pendulum please bring them with you.

Healing for Past Lives

Saturday 10th October – 1pm to 4pm. This is a more advanced crystal technique for exploring and healing the past life which is having a negative effect on your current incarnation. Please note it may not be possible for all participants to experience a personal regressive healing. Cost £30



Saturday 25th April from 10.30am till 4pm, cost £50 including a light lunch.

This will be a full day workshop enabling you to work through the Chakra system to balance, harmonise, energise and restore your body’s energy system. The day will consist of visualisations and practical techniques, no prior knowledge is necessary. 



Exploring Celtic spirituality through celebrating the traditional festivals marking the turning year. Returning to our roots and re-establishing the rhythm of life through seasonal reflection, craft and customs.

Workshops will be small and informal and apart from Yule will be held at my home. All are held 6.30pm to 8.30pm on or near festival days, contribution of £5 will be welcome. Please bring food to share at our supper.

Imbolc – Friday 31st January – heralding the returning Spring

Ostara – Friday 20th March – celebrating rebirth and new life

Beltane – Friday 1st May – bringing in the May

Litha – Saturday 20th June – celebrating the Summer Solstice

Lammas – Friday 31st July – giving thanks for the first fruits of summer 

Mabon – Tuesday 22nd September – the Vernal equinox; Harvest Home

Samhain – Friday 30th October – Halloween

Yule –  Saturday 19th December – a festive get together including a shared lunch and “secret Santa” and this will be a full day 11am to 3pm. Venue Sutton St. James Hall, a contribution of £10 would be appreciated to cover booking costs.


For further information please email or phone me.